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Weymouth Tandoori is Weymouth’s most established Indian and Restaurants Set in the heart of Weymouths bustling town centre, 100 metres from the harbour and 200 metres from Weymouth Sea Front. We pride ourselves on our unique dishes and flavours, and we look forward to sharing that experience with you. We offer in-house service or take away. There is parking next door which is free from 6pm every evening.

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We are very proud of our heritage and the wonderful food it has produced. We have listed our menu below or visit the link to Just Eat for more information

Our Starters

Welcome to our restaurant! We’re excited that you have chosen to dine with us today. Take a moment to look through our menu and see what looks tasty to you. Enjoy!

Paneer Tikka

Prawn Cocktail

Prawns in thousand Island Dressing

Prawn Puree

Prawn in a dry medium spiced sauce on a deep fried bread

MIxed Kebab

Sheek Kebab, Lamb Tikka, Chicken Tikka and Onion Bhaji.

Tiger Prawns

Tiger prawns in a dry medium spiced sauce.

Jumbo King Prawn Puree

Jumbo King Prawn in a dry medium spiced sauce on a deep fried bread.

Nargis Kebab

Boiled Egg covered with minced lamb, garnished with spicy sauce. irresistible

Tikka puree Chicken or Lamb

Lightly spiced chicken or lamb tikka served in a puree.

Jumbo King Prawn Butterfly

Whole king prawn grilled, spiced and covered in bread crumbs.

Shammee Kebab

Two round shaped minced lamb kebab covered with omelette.

Garlic Mushrooms

Button Mushrooms filled with garlic and herbs

Sheek Kebab

Minced lamb blended with spices and onions grilled on Tandoor

Onion Bhaji

Sliced onions in a spicy batter deep fried.

Chicken Pakora

Spiced chicken patties.

Chicken or Lamb Tikka

Marinated in a special blend of mild sand barbecued over charcoal.


Triangular pasty, filled with a choice of minced lamb or vegetables

Chicken Chat

Boneless chicken cooked on a specially prepared home made spicy and sour source

Tandoori Chicken

Spring chicken marinated in herbs and grilled in the tandoor

Curry Dishes

Chicken £6.50 / Lamb £6.90 /Duck £9.90 / Prawn £6.90 / King Prawn £9.90

Malaya (Medium Dish)

A combination of central Asian and Indian spices, lychee and pineapple with rich spices, a medium sweet taste

Bhuna (Medium Dish)

Onions, garlic, tomato, chilli and a few selected spices. A medium and very tasteful dish

Korma (Very Mild Dish)

Yoghurt, coconut and spices producing a very mild but rich creamy texture

Kashmir (Medium Dish)

A combination of central Asian and Pakistani spices,
banana with rich spices, a medium to sweet taste

Rogan Josh (Fairly Hot Dish)

A special preparation with Pimento, garlic and garnished with tomato (fairly hot and a little dry)

Lochknow (Very Mild Dish)

Yoghurt, Coconut and spices producing a very mild but rich creamy texture, served with mushrooms

Do Piaza (Medium Dish)

Maximum quantity of onion with dozens of spices for one who prefers a medium sweet taste.

Madras (Fairly Hot Dish))

A rich dish with chilli, garlic, ginger, onion and tomato puree

Phindi (Fairly Hot Dish)

A rich dish with chilli, garlic, ginger, onion, egg and tomato

Pathia (Fairly Hot Dish)

Garlic, Onion, Tomato puree, red chilli, black pepper, sugar and lemon. A fairly hot, sweet and sour taste

Sag (Medium Dish)

A medium dish cooked with Spinach

Ceylon (Fairly Hot Dish)

Coconut, black pepper, lemon with strong spices and a fairly hot sweet and sour taste.


delicious earthy sauce flavoured with fresh fenugreek leaves in a creamy tomato masala base.

Dansak (Fairly Hot Dish)

A combination of spices with Lentils,garlic lemon and sugar producing a fairly hot sweet and sour taste

Vindaloo (Very Hot Dish)

A very rich hot dish made with a blend of cumin, peppercorns, mustard seeds, fenugreek leaves, cardamon and cinnamon.

Chefs recommendation – Bengal Tiger Prawns

One of our best selling dishes. Jalfrezi style prawns cooked with plenty of coriander, onions, green pepper and sliced tomato in a rich sauce. Delicious.


Chefs recommendation – Tikka massala jumbo king prawn £11.90

Marinated overnight, barbecued in the Tandoor then finished in an enriched Masala sauce for Dazzling flavour. Exquisite


Chefs recommendation -Balti Massala Chicken or Lamb £8.50

Mild: marinated overnight, barbecued in the tandoor then finished in an enriched masala sauce for a dazzling flavour. (specially served in a balti dish


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At Weymouth Tandoori we are open 7 days a week from 17:30 pm to 11:30pm including bank holidays. Our food is prepared in a style which blends the finest oriental spices to produce a variety of subtle and exotic flavours. Our chefs can produce any Indian or Bangladeshi specialities not listed.


7 days a Week17:30 – 23:30pm

Take Away Hours17:30 – 22:00

Including Bank Holidays.


Address 45-49 Maiden Street

Phone 01305 776744/775867